Your Martin Taylor 'Joya' Guitar order has been received.

Congratulations on ordering your new Martin Taylor 'Joya' guitar. You've made a great decision.

Here's what happens next:

1. You should receive the following four emails:

- Your receipt.
- An email with confirmation of your order.
- An email with your login details from Martin Taylor for the Martin Taylor Guitars Owners Club and bonuses.
- An email with your login details for the P3 Music site so you can access Online Guitar Summit recordings.

If you have previously purchased a retreat or summit ticket from Martin Taylor Music Ltd or P3 Music Ltd then you may not receive an email with your login details as you will already have those. If that is the case Just login to and as normal and you'll find your Martin Taylor Guitars Owners Club bonuses waiting for you.

2. Right now your order has been sent to the workshop in England and you will receive your new Joya™ in 24 weeks time. International orders are generally subject to local import duties and taxes.

3. We are not responsible for, nor can offer any specific advice regarding any customs related fees that you may incur. For specific information, please consult with your local government import office.

4. We will send you an email when the guitar is dispatched from the workshop. It will include your tracking number and an expected delivery date.

If you have any questions about your order just email the team in the workshop at

Once again thank you for ordering your Martin Taylor 'Joya' guitar.

- Martin Taylor and the team at Martin Taylor Guitars